Suncrest has recently been contracted to supply bulk semen to LIC for the Dairy Industry. A semen bank from Stud sires “Suncrest Arctic Bayley” & “Whisperings Jasper” has been purchased by LIC from Suncrest Stud and straws are now being made available through LIC’s network to dairy farmers all across New Zealand.

The White Galloway breed has long been recognised for its low birth weight and therefore easy calving. This coupled with the breeds renown excellent mothering and good doers under all conditions (refer – has seen growing interest with dairy farmers to use young White Galloway bulls and/or semen for their first-time heifer pregnancies; and White Galloway semen for subsequent pregnancies.

The Galloway calf and accordingly the Galloway cross-bred calf has:

  • one of the lowest birth weights of all beef-cross breeds, and the studies have shown the Galloway cross calves comes out tops for calf survival.
  • the lowest incidence of calving difficulty (0.8%);
  • the highest weaning percentage (95.5%); and,
  • the highest calf survival percentage (95.2%).

(As researched by the Clay Animal Research Centre in Nebraska USA)

These attributes coupled with the Galloway bulls ability to produce an even line of calves in colour and high quality carcases make them a very attractive addition to the dairy farmers operation. Resulting cross-bred dairy/beef progeny not only exhibit the dominant Galloway colour pattern, producing “marker calves” for ease of identification at calving time, but also ensures that the progeny are 100% polled.

Galloways are also renowned for their high beef yield and meat quality, the latter whilst being extremely low in fat content (~2%), exhibits a very high incidence of marbling. All these attributes go towards making the Galloway/Freisian or Galloway /Jersey crossbred calves an increasingly more valuable commodity at the sale yards as word gets around. These attributes only apply when using pure-bred Galloway over dairy heifers/cows, so dairy farmers must ensure they are using pure-bred Galloways, which are registered with the Galloway Cattle Society of NZ (Inc), to be sure of achieving the above attributes.

Due to demand Suncrest now sell more of its pedigree bulls to dairy farmers than it does to fellow pedigree breeders. Often young bulls, sometimes as calves, are purchased well ahead of mating time, due to the difficulty in obtaining bulls at working age at mating time. Even black White Galloway bulls are sought after as they still produce all of the White Galloway attributes and can produce white well marked calves. Steering of bull calves is almost a thing of the past!

Suncrest also holds a semen bank at Tararua Breeding Co. and sells pedigree semen directly to dairy farmers, but at well below the $35 + gst per straw rate offered to pedigree breeders.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to give Karen or Bob a ring or drop them an email direct or via the contact form on their web site: