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Fillies & Mares for Sale

Suncrest Mistic Krystal:  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. 5997 (Cat A)

DOB: 25 October 2004

Height: ~30.00”

Beautiful fine buckskin filly, lovely nature, and ready for breeding this year.



Suncrest Casanovas Finesse:  SOLD

Registration:      NZMHA No. 1145 (Cat A)

DOB:               21 December 1995

Height:              31.5”

A fantastic little silver bay brood mare. Very easy to get into foal. Always has coloured, leggy foals which mature Category A.


Shown heavy in foal – only days away!
Shown heavy in foal – only days away!
With latest foal at foot
With latest foal at foot

NZ Windsongs Ruby Sancho (AMHA)  SOLD

Registration: AMHA – A96050;
NZMHA - 1633

DOB: 13 December 1997

Height: 29.75”

Sachi as she is affectionately known is a full American registered red bay mare with a very impressive pedigree. Sachi has a wonderful nature and all her foals have a similar temperament.

If required, it would be possible to put Sachi to our AMHA registered Stallion – Smokey The Bandit for a small fee.


NZ Windsongs Ruby Sancho

Glenshee Black Beauty:  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. 1098 (Cat B)

DOB: 5 November 1989

Height: 34.5”

This lovely fine thoroughbred type senior mare would make a wonderful companion horse. Beauty is looking for a loving caring home where she will continue to live a healthy and active life.



Colts & Stallions for Sale

Mistic Attraction of Featherstream:  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. 1664 (Cat A)

DOB: 14 March 1998

Height: 32.0”

“Magnet” is a very athletic, fine buckskin stallion.
His progeny, mainly fillies, are easily recognized by
their very expressive ears, refined body type and
lovely temperament. He is easy to serve and keeps
himself in trim condition all year round.



Suncrest Casanova:  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. 1127 (Cat A)

DOB: 19 November 1991

Height: 29.0”

“Cassy” is a rich chestnut stallion and would make a great companion to an older mare. He hasn’t served a mare in ~10 years but has been a proven height reducer. He is a real gentleman to handle, has a great temperament, is energetic and loves company. All this in a 29 inch package!




Suncrest Smokeys Picasso  SOLD

Registration: AMHA No. A167804

NZMHA No. 6507 (Cat A)

DOB: 30 October 2005

Height: 33 ”

“Jaz” as he is affectionately known is a wonderful silver bay pinto with great show potential. He is very classy, has a refined head and fantastic movement. This little guy has it all – colour, conformation, movement and heaps of personality and presence. Has good harness potential.

(Also shown as a foal in the “Enter Suncrest Miniature Horse Stud” icon photo on the Home Web page)


Suncrest Mistic Ghost  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. TBA (Cat A)

DOB: 9 December 2008

Height: 31"

Paddock name “Casper” this leggy silver buckskin is a stunner, very straight in the legs and is a nice mover with heaps of attitude.


Suncrest Smokeys Eclipse  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. TBA (Cat A)

DOB: 6 December 2008

Height: 29"

This delightful red bay colt is very fine, leggy and correct. A gelding with lots of character and presence


Suncrest Smokeys Lil Spark:  SOLD

Registration: NZMHA No. 4784 (Cat A)Suncrest Smokeys Lil Spark 2

DOB: 7 December 2002

Height: 32.0”

This delightful red bay gelding is ready for anything –
“Sparky” is fun loving and responds well to any training.
He is very willing to please and would make a great
wee companion. He is quite a show-off - prancing, and
demonstrating his paces readily to any audiences.



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